Helping large organisations build better teams using data

A complex web app, built for scale using NodeJS, ReactJS and PostgreSQL. I designed the product and architected the system end to end, also writing many core parts of the code. Leading a team of 6 engineers/designers in building the product. We've already clocked in over 6000 commits. Launched to select paying customers this year with plans for a full public release early next year. The system is already in use by hundreds of users, spread across 12 countries

Since it was built in a private repo, here's a screenshot of our commit history.

The project has been an incredible learning experience. I started out with a team of 4 windows application developers, introduced them to web development, taught them Javascript and NodeJS, moved them to the world of open source software, text-editors instead of IDEs, distributed version control - it was a complete paradigm shift for the team. In the process, I also hired and built out Softrade's design team.